Friday, August 13, 2010

Really cute pics of V

Sleeping cutie!
Archibald cousins! The 5 babies born in 2009. Baby #2 will be one of four in 2010...
Violet and cousin Allie- they are little buds...
Sweet little cousins! Allie, Violet, Juliette
Violet chilling on the beach
Enjoying a nice night on the lake
Playing with her sand toys... she could spend hours playing in the sand!
I think she is the cutest girl in the whole world! Her personality is even cuter than she is! She brings sunshine wherever she goes.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some randoms from my phone

This was right after Violet got her shots. Lets just say the lollipop helped a lot!
Violet getting pulled around in the small garbage can. A perfect set of wheels :)
I love this picture of Carly, me and Anna. This was just a few months ago in Santa Barbara. Now Anna has a baby (really cute little boy Lee), I'm looking super preggers (23 weeks), and Carly is right behind me due in Feb! Life is changing and I'm loving every moment! I'm glad we had this fun night!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nova Scotia

The most photographed lighthouse in the world- Peggy's cove.
Enjoying Peggy's cove
A reflection of cute little Lunenberg harbor. A nice shot of me with Violet and a good view of my growing belly... 5 months
A small fisherman's town
A pretty reflection
Out fishing in Lunenberg. Yes, I caught a fish!